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Christopher Fergeson

a part time caregiver who loves spending time with people that need a boost of life.

Code Name:
"Wisdom Seeker"
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July, 2021
Seattle, WA
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Main Sources of Creative Expression:
Art Acting Comedy Nature Writing
'Shackles' -Mary Mary
...My Soul Song
"I don’t care if you are laughing at me; as long as you are laughing."
...My Motto
I am a very high energy, creative, team motivated, passionate about wanting my expression to mean something to at least one person. I love engaging with everyone. I am the comedian in every room. Making people laugh is my eternal goal. Nature is my source of creativity. My 3D tree has one 1st place at the University of Washington this year. Every piece I create has a story. I act with the House of Spirits and I am also part of the murder mystery Dinner theater in Seattle.  Anything I can get my hands on to learn I do.
I have been Fighting my dream to express my Gifts of creativity and imagination.
*Creativity -- being able to work with someone else's Beginning and your mind is able to create other realities so easily. *Imagination -- The one with the Original thought/Idea and with Cooperation of a cast/team full of creative people.

Chris has major hopes for being a part of B&B. To change his future goals to encompass his life long desire to be able to express himself to the world; an open mind, body and soul into becoming what he truly wants to be... and bring a message of light to the most lonely or the most needy.
Chris is really new to the realm of official acting, but as a child his small school always had plays and competitions with many other schools. He was always entering for poetry, singing, and speaking.
In college, along with his communication classes, he took dance classes (Jazz, Ballet, Line Dancing, and more).
Chris was part of his college newspaper. He wrote stories, edited, and worked on black and white photo developing. Chris also opened the first Straight, Gay and Lesbian alliance in 1996 called "Coloring Outside the Lines".
Chris wants to dedicate his life to expression... "No longer Fight It; Ride It!"

"Fear is death: enjoy every breath" -wisdom seeker

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