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Xiaowan Jin

A gifted, advanced, outgoing & energetic student & child actress & model.

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December, 2020
Irvine, CA
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Modeling Acting Dancing
'Let It Go' -Frozen
...My Soul Song
"Be creative. Be myself. Never give up!"
...My Motto
As Xiaowan's mother I would like to say that she is a very gifted 6 year old. A bilingual model & actress, and talented far beyond her age! She has completed a 40-hour acting class at Child Actor LA Institute in 2018! Signed with agency Aqua in 2018! Has booked 145 jobs & finished 132 so far since 9/30/18, including MVs, commercials, 14 fashion shows, 28 short films, 8 feature films, 1 TV sitcom series, 3 pilots for TV series! She won at her very first competition & got crowned with the title of Tiny Miss California & was also the Photogenic Winner at a CA pageant last year! She was one of two candidates in the '2020 Kids Presidential Debate'! Almost all the audiences thought this debate was better than the adult presidential debate, haha!
Xiaowan joined Bridges & Butterflies because she wants to have a place to be creative, create content that makes people smile, and encourage people from a child's perspective.  Her ongoing talents are truly inspiring at such a young age, and to have her as a part of the team, is a truly remarkable blessing.  Being a part of the community she will have plenty of opportunities to show her talents and express herself creatively while showing others that no matter your age, you can make a difference.

"Be yourself!" -XW
“Don't forget to be awesome!” -XW
“Never give up!” -XW

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