Meet Our Founder, President, CEO & Creative Director
Calyn Liberati

An Active Humanitarian spreading positive change across the world.
Provoking thought; teaching new ways of living. An 'entrepreneur of light'.

Code Name:
"The Unicorn"
Active Member Since:
The Beginning
Grand Rapids, MI
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Main Sources of Creative Expression:
Creative 360°
'How Far I'll Go' -Moana
...My Soul Song
"Don't worry, be wacky now!"
...My Motto
A mother of two wonderful baby boys, Rowan and Griffin.  I have a dream to see a 'universal harmony' one day. Not only for them, but for all of humanity.  And I don't intend on seeing this fail.  I will continue striving for all of my aspirations to come true, no matter how long it takes, as we ALL have the ability to be the change we seek, with patience and virtue. And my aspirations are to spread love, light and unity one voice at a time through the best way I know how... creative expression.  This is how I came up with the concept behind 'Bridges & Butterflies' and how it all started.  It was in my darkest hour, I grew the strength to pursue this career and help spark a bright and beaming light for not only myself, but others as well!
The future is ours. The time is now. Balance is key. Compassion is the DOOR. TO SIMPLY LOVE. INSPIRING CHANGE.
I'm quirky, yet serene.  I get things done. A twinkle in your eye, a glimpse of inspiration and very driven.  If you need a good laugh, or need some guidance, contact me to simply talk, help you through your dark, or receive personal readings of affirmations. A friend, a leader, a helping hand.  A nonconformist by nature. A spiritualist, a meditator, channeling my chakras.  When others smile, I smile. Say cheese! ...and PICKLES! Smiling now?
"Each of us has to do his little bit towards transforming this spirit of the times." -Albert Einstein
“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” -Albert Einstein
"Believe in yourself; for every soul is capable of bright light, no matter how far traveled through the darkness of night. " -The Unicorn
"Do or do not. There is no try." -Yoda, 'STAR WARS'
Calyn went to Central Michigan University for 6 years to work towards her
'BFA: Acting/Directing Concentration'.  She has learned a countless number of skills from not only her course work, but throughout her experiences in life.
You name it; she's done it! Well-rounded in all creative endeavors, Calyn has been working effortlessly as an 'entrepreneur of light' to strive for excellence and work towards the community's main mission and purpose.
Calyn has built this website from the ground up, creating new ideas to add to its' development every day!  She is very proud to invest as much time as possible to ensure her vision of 'Bridges & Butterflies' Creative Collaborative comes to life.  It has a long way to go, but soon enough it will reach its' heights.
Content creating since Sept. 2020 to start building the brand, Calyn has written and produced the new series 'Unify the Unicorn:  A New Trending Way of Life'. Includes a unique comedic series 'POPPiNG BUBBLES: Metaphorically Speaking' as well as diverse topics of different "TiME FiLLER SERiES" all related to the main mission of Bridges & Butterflies. Currently merging into new outlets and expanding everyday.
Over the last 8 years Calyn has developed a versatile script called 'The Change';
an up-and-coming play meant to provoke a shift in perspective.  Reflecting on the darkness inside all of us; a dense script with horror undertones.  Revolves around the two lives and afterlives of Giovanna Ryan and Evelyn Clarke (two unique opposites) and the ripple effect that stems from their wake.  A twisted and thrilling symbolism of the world around us, inspiring new ways of thinking. Many themes are explored throughout their stories as well the character "Him" (a depiction of the devil himself). This will be the debut collaborative production of our growing creative community. She is the director and producer. It has now come time for "The Change" to hit the stage. Debuting live November 2023. See the official cast list here!

Bettisworth Endowed Scholarship award in Directing (2019)
Irene Ryan Nominee for Acting in Marvin’s Room as Lee (2016)
Nominated for best supporting actress as Lucy in Dracula: The Musical (2013)
Alumni Kappa Theta Cast MEMBER of Alpha Psi Omega Honorary Theatre Fraternity (2013-2017)
Elected PR Head of Fraternity consecutively for multiple semesters (2014-2016)
Former President of Woman’s Acapella Choir “Acabellas” (2011-2012)

This is a Work in Progress with Updates
Coming Soon

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